Perunicic and Kovacevic arrested under suspicion that they had beaten the Romani boy

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Police in Podgorica arrested two citizens early this morning under suspicion that they abused a juvenile Romany boy S.B (14). According to unofficial information of CdM, the citizens are Rajko Perunicic (18) and Slobodan Kovacevic (19). They will be taken to the basic public prosecutor in Podgorica today under suspicion that they committed a criminal act of abuse.

Police managed to identify them via a video that surfaced on social networks.

On the video, which you can see on this link, scary scenes of beating of a fourteen year old can be seen which is screaming and calling for help.

This event wasn’t reported to the police at first, but after it came to public’s eye, the police managed to identify the actors and reach the victim too.

The video of a brutal attack disturbed Montenegrin public and was sondemned by public institutions, political parties and NGO sector. Ministry for human and minority right and Protector of human rights and freedoms condemned the violent beating of the children from Romani population.

“Ministry strongly condemnes this violent act, and is calling for institutions with jurisdiction to find and process the criminals as soon as possible”, it was written in the statement by the Ministry for human and minority rights.

Similar attitude was also taken by the protector of human rights and freedoms, who said that this vandalism act must be adequately punished, actors found and sanctioned in a way described by current regulation and standards of protection form any kind of racism and intiolerance.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro