Pešić: 25 years in, DPS still attracts a lot of young people

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Even after 25 years, DPS still manages to inspire and attract a lot of young people, said President of the Council of Youth of this party, Nikola Pešić.

Pešić has been recently re-elected for a President of the Council. Speaking to Dnevne Novine daily, he said that his re-election confirms his activities, results and dedication of last three years, during which he and his team invested a lot of effort in this important branch of the party.

“Our Congress of last Saturday, a great number of foreign delegations, impressive energy felt in the room give us more strength and resolve to make the Council better and more efficient. As far as our plans are concerned, we have two short-term priorities. One of them is to organize elections in municipalities’ youth organizations. Our other priority is campaigning for the upcoming elections, in order for DPS to achieve the best possible result in October”, he said.

The regulation of the Council states that members are those individuals from 18 to 30 years old.

“The number of members is well over 15.000, and we are very proud of this fact. Even after 25 years of leadership, the youth still sees the value in joining our party. The reasons vary, from identifying with our values to political ambitions to community activism. DPS provides the best conditions to develop in these areas”, Pešić underlined.

He said that DPS does not divide its members on any basis, not even level of education.

“We are proud to have members of different backgrounds, vocations and education levels. Variety of knowledge and skill is what makes us stronger, because we can face many different challenges”, Pešić said.

He explained the main way of communication among DPS youth.

“Aside from traditional means of communications, DPS youth aims to be the first in everything, including IT trends. We have presence in all currently popular social networks, and in this way we are more available to the youth that uses internet as a main resource for communication”, Pešić said.

DPS pays attention to the education of its young members.

“We are the biggest and most organized party and we pay special attention to this matter. We believe informal education is of extreme importance today, especially for the young. The Council organizes round tables, discussions, lectures, takes part in all local and international gatherings dedicated to current political topics and youth interests”, he said.

He was asked what level of involvement are young people ready to dedicate to Montenegro’s political scene, are they ready to change things for the better.

“Young people have an active role in the political life of Montenegro. However, my view is critical and I think they should get more involved and contribute with their innovations, energy and youth”, Pešić believes.

He claims that DPS has an ear for the problems of the young.

“Some political parties do not deal with their young voters, but pay more attention to primitive methods of politics and give a bad example. Our numbers speak to the fact that young people feel listened to in DPS, and they can see their future and future of Montenegro in our politics”, Pešić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro