Pešić: Membership in NATO will make military even more appealing

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Membership in NATO will open many new possibilities for the youth and it will make military even more appealing, said Deputy Chief of Staff of Army of Montenegro Rajko Pešić.

He said that joining military takes perseverance, responsibility, precision.

“It is noticeable that military profession is becoming more popular in Montenegro. The fact that makes us especially happy is that it is more popular with girls and women, so today we have women in positions in all structures”, Pešić said.

According to him, women make 8,9% of Army..

To become a part of military, Montenegrin boys and girls go to school at prestigious international military academies.

Montenegrin cadets, 28 of them, are going to school in US, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, and once they graduate, they will have guaranteed jobs in the Army.

“They will also have the opportunity to continue school all over the world and a chance to work in an international environment”, Pešić said.

Military as an organization benefits from knowledge and skills these young people bring from the academies.

“I am certain that NATO membership will open many new possibilities for young people and make military profession even more appealing”, he said.

He believes that cooperation between countries is very important for international safety.

“Military forces need to work in an international environment, in joint operations with other countries”, Pešić said.

That is the reason that soldiers need to have a second language, to know tactics, techniques and procedures of NATO members.

“There needs to be different approach to training, equipment, procedures. It is a process that takes time, but we are on a good path to accomplish those standards”, he said.

Pešić said that going to international missions has become normal practice for Army of Montenegro, and such missions are one of the priority activities in the Army.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro