Pesic: There is only one Milo; no one like him will ever be born

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There is only one Milo Djukanovic. No one like him will ever be born, stated the president of the Youth Council of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Nikola Pesic, it has been published in Balkans & Beyond, an online book on current social, political and cultural processes in the Balkans.

As Pesic points out, even though he wants to have a successful political career, he is aware of the fact that it is difficult to achieve successes of his idol Djukanovic.

The book has been published as part of a multimedia project carried out by Cafebabel, a European portal for young people, and funded by Cafebabel Berlin and Allianz Kulturstiftung. Pesic’s statement has been published on page 43, DPS said.

Asked whether he would like to be engaged in the legislative or executive branch in the future, Pesic said that he saw himself in the executive branch, adding that he was ready to work anywhere.

“I would work wherever my party needs me and where the party estimates I would be able to provide greatest contribution”.

Pesic sees nothing controversial in the fact that Montenegro had had the same government for 25 years. He confirms that the situation in Montenegro is different compared to other European democracies.

“I am proud and honoured to be a part of an organisation that has been able to pass through all the turbulent times and remain in power for so long”, he said.

He has also reminded that the DPS Youth Council has about 15,000 members, “which is higher than number of voters of some other parliamentary parties and this makes it the largest youth organisation in Montenegro”.

“The structure is the same as before – 23 municipal boards and hundreds of local committees in which everyone has a role to play”, he added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro