Pesko: A decade of independence for a new cooperation between Montenegro and OSCE

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During a meeting with deputy prime minister Dusko Markovic, director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre Marcel Pasko said that the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe would continue its agenda in all areas in which Montenegro needed support, recognising ten years of independence as a framework for opening new ways of cooperation with our country.

Markovic thanked the OSCE for its support during the process of improving democracy, transparency and the rule of law in Montenegro, pointing out that the visit of its senior official comes at a specific time of the tenth anniversary of the Montenegrin independence renewal.

“The OSCE was not only an observer but also an active participant in the total transformation of Montenegro in the past decade or more. During that time, Montenegro has managed to ensure the necessary level of trust with the OSCE through a continuous, objective and inclusive approach, which will be inevitably valorised in the future”, Markovic said.

He pointed out that Montenegro had recognised all the important challenges of contemporary social moment and successfully overcome them. According to Markovic, those achievements are built into results in the field of European and NATO integration.

In the context of the results in terms of integration into the EU and NATO, Pesko pointed out that the evident progress of Montenegro was also the success of the OSCE at the same time and the organisation appreciated the way Montenegro recognised the role of the OSCE in the creation of democratic processes.

He also expects the government and political factors to build a resistant political environment that will allow the maintenance of credible elections in October this year.

Markovic presented the current situation related to the political agreement which would allow the opposition to participate in the government, administrative bodies and institutions, which will undoubtedly be a prelude to a new political practices in the region and beyond.

The two officials agreed that the OSCE gave a concrete contribution in raising the level of competence and effectiveness of the State Election Commission (DIK) and other authorities for implementing electoral procedures, and that redefinition of the OSCE mission to Montenegro should be redefined soon – to enter the advanced level of strengthening institutions in the rule of law, economic progress, and security and stability.

The talks were also attended by the head of the OSCE mission to Montenegro Janina Hrebickova.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro