Petition to name a street after Ognjen Rakocevic

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AKTER Foundation launched the online petition requiring one street in Podgorica to be named after Ognjen Rakocevic, an eleven year old autistic boy who drowned in the Moraca river.

The aim of the initiative is to draw attention to the need to improve the quality of life and the protection of human rights of persons with autism and their families.

“The street dedicated to Ognjen would preserve a memory to an unprecedented solidarity and unity the Montenegrin people demonstrated looking for the boy. Ognjen became a symbol of human Montenegro, and his death warns society about the struggle children with disabilities and their families are facing with”, the Foundation stated.

“We believe that it’s time to enact Ognjen’s law which will facilitate the treatment of children with autism and define a national strategy on all issues important for the life of those children. The foundation also emphasises the need to form a registry of people with autism in Montenegro and the importance of creating conditions for opening a national centre for autism Ognjen Rakocevic”, the foundation stated.

The initiative will be sent to the competent authorities of the capital Podgorica.

The petition can be signed at:

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro