Petrovic: I didn’t expect a parting like this, but we shouldn’t turn defeat into a tragedy

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Women handball team of Montenegro is in a very difficult situation and a lot of luck is necessary for them to advance to quarterfinals of the Olympic games.

Radmila Petrovic told our reporters in Rio that nobody expected that we will stay without quarterfinals, as it seems now.

– We couldn’t even dream that something like this might happen. We were prepared well, we believed that we can go to quarterfinals. We didn’t come convinced that we can win a medal but that we’ll stay without quarterfinals – this we really didn’t expect, said Radmila.

– I didn’t expect it to end like this. But that’s sport, we shouldn’t turn defeats in sport into tragedies, but move on, try and be better. Girls will havemy support in the future, I will continue to believe in them endlessly – added Radmila.

Marina Rajcic said that they will try to improve the impression a bit in last two games.

– These three games we were unrecognizable. I can’t say that we didn’t give our maximum, but it just didn’t happen. Now we have two more games to play as good as we can in order to at least a little save our reputation. As for the future of our team, I have no doubts that we will have an excellent team – said Marina.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro