PHOTO: 15 years of Montenegro through Branislav Milic’s lens

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It is not easy to revive Montenegro’s beauties through the lens of a camera, but if you are committed to that for 15 years then every stone can speak.

Branislav Milic, originally from the village of Bjelica (Katunska Nahija area), was born and lives in Belgium. He showed his love for Montenegro through photography.

Since 2001, using a bicycle taxi, he has managed to perpetuate the most beautiful regions from the north to the south of Montenegro.

For 15 years, his attention has been occupied by Perast, Niksic, Kotor, Njegusi, Pluzine, Zabljak, etc.

After a decade and a half, he has gathered his works and made “the best of”. CDM is presenting only a part of Milic’s art.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro