PHOTO: Admitted to leading a criminal clan: Sveto out of prison, welcomed by daughter and son

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DPS official suspected of high-level corruption, Svetozar Marovic, has left the remand prison in Spuž after he entered into a plea agreement with the Special Prosecutor’s Office, in which he agreed to a prison sentence of not less than four years, and to indicate the destination(s) to which over 15 million euros stolen from the municipality of Budva was sent.

His daughter Milena Bogdanović Marovic waited for him in front of the prison gate, where he did not wish to answer questions from reporters. In the car, his son Milos Marovic was waiting.

Marovic’s lawyer Zdravko Begovic did not want tell reporters about the deal his client made, but instead reflected upon his medical condition.

“His poor health deteriorated a lot in these five months and he will visit the hospital today to try to ease his situation”, said Begovic adding that he does not know whether Mr. Marovic will continue doing politics in the future.

As Dnevne Novine daily earlier published, Mr. Marovic admitted to the Special Prosecutor that he was the leader of a criminal organization formed with the sole purpose of acquiring illegal material benefit.

Marovic spent almost five months in the remand prison, where his condition was getting worse day by day, especially after he was presented with material evidence collected against him. It is believed that this was the reason why he decided to end his agony.

So he wrote and signed a statement that says he organized a criminal group of about 30 people, described their roles and mode of action, and revealed how the money was transferred out of the country, and through which accounts. In essence, he confirmed everything the prosecution is charging him with. However, the novelty is Marovic’s claim that he did not end up with the money, and that he was in fact deceived in this illegal deal. The public is very busy speculating to whom Marovic will point his finger.

When the plea agreement is formally signed, the Special Prosecutor’s Office will, logically, request blocking of the mentioned accounts, both directly and through international legal assistance.

After the completion of this process, as DN daily found out, the Prosecution will launch additional financial investigations against all suspects, which will include their family members and related persons. In this investigation, they will have to prove the origin of all of their assets, and the prosecution has the right to temporarily seize it and give it to the country at disposal. This means that the famous citizens of Budva are yet to face a battle to keep the property they possess.

PHOTO: Vedran Ilic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro