PHOTO and VIDEO: Meet the Jaguar F-Pace, ready for debut in Montenegro

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Back in 2013, the concept C-X17 was presented, which two years later became a car codenamed X761. We know it today as the Jaguar F-Pace!

Jaguar justly says they gave birth to the most practical sports car to date – F-Pace is the first SUV in the company’s history, and this segment is currently the most popular on the market.

With Jaguar’s reputation, it hasn’t been difficult to intrigue connoisseurs, but true fans needed to be offered something concrete.

F-Pace comes in 6 variants – First Edition, S, R-Sport, Portfolio, Pure and Prestige.


“Every Jaguar should attract attention of the viewer standing 200 meters away. I believe that the F-Pace will be unequaled in its class. Lightweight aluminum architecture gave us the design freedom to create an agile car with attitude”, said the first man of the design department, Ian Callum.

The front grille says it comes from the Jag family. Neither small nor too big, the cabin has enough room for five adult passengers. The large trunk holds 650 liters, and its 8 inch screen may be upgraded by that of 10.2 inches. Also optional is a digital control panel, which gives the appearance of a virtual cockpit.

F-Pace did not even start selling, and it has already entered the Guinness Book of Records. In fact, just before the premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Jaguar was driven by the famous stuntman Terry Grant, who, albeint in a slightly modified F-Pace, managed to do a circle of full 360 degrees. The focus was on speed, agility and performance.


The market will be opened with only 2 thousand SUVs at a price of over 80.000 euros. Purely because of exclusives… From that, only 200 units will be sold in the homeland. As for the basic model, which will later go on sale, there is reference to the price of about 47 thousand euros.

Montenegrin citizens and visitors will be the first ones to see the magnificent new SUV because the Jaguar has leased the entire island of Sveti Stefan to carry out its first presentation and testing! Jag invited over 750 people to the event, with hundreds of the world’s most relevant media reporting from the Montenegrin coast. It is indeed great advertisement for a small country in the mountainous Balkans.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro