PHOTO and VIDEO: Pajović in Georgia: Our place is in the West

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President of the Parliament Darko Pajović is visiting Tbilisi for the annual OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. During his meeting with his Georgian colleague David Usupashvili, Pajović said that, despite all the obstacles, he will not give up on Montenegro’s road to NATO.

Pajović believes that Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance will be a strong message for other countries in the Balkan, showing that NATO doors remain open for everyone.

“This is our path, and I do not think that we will give up, because our place is in the West, following democratic values, and we can only say – we will not give up. It is a long and difficult process, but it is a process of setting standards we never used to have”, he said.

He said that the desire of all citizens in Montenegro and Georgia is to reach the final goal.

“We appreciate your strong support on our NATO road. We are aware that it is very important we have mutual respect and support, as we are both aiming to join NATO. Montenegro will not forget your support, and it will return it manyfold, and perhaps soon”, Pajović said.

Interlocutors agreed that ratification of the Protocol is a clear message of open doors. They hope that Warsaw Summit will send a positive message to Georgia for their dedication to NATO.

“Georgia wants a strong NATO, and Montenegro’s membership helps our chances of joining as well. Montenegro and Georgia have joint priorities, EU and NATO integration, democratic institutions and rule of law. I am happy our two parliaments have good cooperation”, David Usupashvili said.

Pajović congratulated on organizing OSCE PA at this challenging time in Europe.

He thanked Georgia for positive messages to Montenegro, because it is very important that there is support between our countries and possibility of credible partnership.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro