PHOTO and VIDEO: Pajović to entrepreneurs: Let’s solve problems together!

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President of the Parliament Darko Pajović had a working breakfast in Virpazar with women entrepreneurs from Crmnica, and promised them he will help solve problems they face in their work.

The meeting was also attended by president of Crmnica township. Entrepreneurs spoke of their issues, and presented their work with wine, souvenirs, tourism, accommodation and beekeeping.

Pajović underlined the importance of women entrepreneurship and their contribution to community.

“Problems you face in your work are common for us all and I believe we can solve them together. Your work is making this area more recognizable and economically sustainable. The Parliament supports your work and stands at your disposal for initiatives in legislation that would improve your work”, he said.

Pajović took upon himself to solve some of their issues as a communication link between institutions.

After the meeting, a visit to souvenir shop was organized, as well as private winery in Bukovik. Pajović could see firsthand way of work and conditions of the entrepreneurs of this area. BsrCNbwWpyXjUzF7puC3w4jMzQmxPFIf2MpSYWYzAyQ-OSAkjfUlNaDHCdL00Vb5a273SyUMuBGQ9MrzQD0dFBVrE0ygQKf4uiQixdo3Mc7JsJw4BiNDCsDLvPh8ENnTCzrEOcpu

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro