PHOTO and VIDEO: Pajović visited Šavnik and Žabljak: I admire courageous farmers

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Visits to Šavnik and Žabljak confirmed the necessity of passing the laws that protect natural resources of Montenegro, such as national parks. It is also clear that local administration needs help, said President of the Parliament Darko Pajović during his work visit to these cities. He said he admires farmers that decided to leave the city and do this hard job.

President of Šavnik Municipality Mijomir Vujačić and President of Local Assembly Nadežda Kotlica talked with Pajović about current social and economic situation Šavnik. Tourism, agriculture and water potentials are resources for development in this municipality.

Pajović said that local administrations can use Parliament of Montenegro resources, such as technical and expert support.


“The fact that there is no industry or mass tourist constructions in Šavnik, I see as an advantage for development of tourism and agriculture. My experience in environment protection I will use to help promote natural values of this area and realization of projects such as Regional nature park”, the President suggested.


He was welcomed and thanked for putting the effort in passing set of laws relating to local administration in Žabljak, such as Law on National parks, Law on legalizing informal objects, that does not include objects in National parks, and passing a plan for special intents for NP Durmitor.

President of Municipality Veselin Vukićević and president of Local Assembly Vidoje Tomčić explained that these laws enable long-term and stable plan of municipality budget and development projects in Žabljak.


“Every law needs to have real life implementation, it must follow the pace of change and needs of the time. This is where the Parliament comes in, and this is why I meet local administration in their own context, in order to facilitate implementation of healthy business ideas”, said Pajović.

Pajović used his visit to see respected households of Šavnik and Žabljak municipalities.


Hosts told him about their plans for business.

“I admire the courage to leave the city and do the hard work of farming. I am certain you will succeed”, Pajović said.

He said he respected the effort of the people in farming and he said he was thankful to get personally introduced to their problems.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro