PHOTO: BMW Generation X roadshow in Podgorica: Demonstration of off-road power

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Eight X models basked in sun in the parking lot of Podgorica’s biggest shopping mall, Delta City.

After 10 European countries, BMW roadshow Generation X has arrived in Montenegro. The star of this presentation were not beautiful cars, but the xDrive, the pride and joy of the Munich company. Montenegrin BMW dealer, Voli Motors, also has reason to be proud.

“To our delight, we were able to bring to Montenegro this awesome part of Europe, to present BMW in the best possible manner, through its X-drive technology, which is a step forward in all 4-wheel drives”, said Nenad Lekic, General Manager at BMW Montenegro.

BMW xDrive ensures the best transmission of power to the wheel in all situations, while also enhancing agility and safety of the vehicle even when going through fast bends. It distributes power to the front and rear wheels in a 40:60 ratio which adjusts when the surface on which the vehicle is moving, or driving conditions change. Driving the winding roads or rapid passages through the curves are extremely comfortable with the xDrive system, while thanks to the dynamic change of transmission power, the car remains stable and the system reacts before the passengers feel the slightest discomfort, Voli Motors said in a statement.

Among the exhibited models, X1 also arrived in Podgorica, the latest member of the X game. There was also the stunning X6 with the famous BMW mark, “M”. This crossover has impressive 575 horsepower and plenty of equipment, and costs peppery 136.000 euros. But for this money, you get special pleasure, especially when driving in the off-road mode, which is the best quality of these models.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro