PHOTO: Carnival Vista cruise ship sailed into Kotor

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The Carnival Vista cruise ship, which belongs to Carnival Cruise line and is the largest in its class, has sailed into the Bay of Kotor today.

There are 4,000 tourists on the first journey of the cruise ship and they have the opportunity to visit Kotor. In the next six months, Carnival Vista will sail across the Mediterranean.

A company representative Leon Aif said that after summarizing clients’ impressions, it will be decided whether Kotor will be a permanent destination of the cruise ship journeys.

“I suppose it is feasible”, he said.

According to the director of the Port of Kotor Vasilije Kusovac, the port showed its readiness for all situations to come.

“The team of the Port of Kotor is a well-coordinated, which has been noticed by the Carnival Vista crew, as well as all the tourists who visited Kotor”, he added.

The President of the Municipality of Kotor, Aleksandar Stjepcevic, pointed to the statistics that already in this period shows that significantly higher number of vessels are visiting Kotor than in previous years.

“I am sure this will be an exceptional tourism season and that we will jointly do our best for Kotor to be an attractive destination and fulfill expectations of curious visitors”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro