PHOTO: Danilović: Destroying artillery is not in our tradition, but we are doing a good thing

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In the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy today, 1140 weapons and 214 artillery pieces were destroyed in honor of July 9th, International day of destroying weapons.

By burning of the weapons, a symbolical note was paid to this day. Present for this act were Minister of Internal Affairs Goran Danilović, European Delegation Chief in Podgorica Mitja Drobnič, Resident Representative of UNDP in Montenegro Fiona Mccluney, deputy chief of OSCE mission in Podgorica Dan Redford and executive director of CDT Dragan Koprivica.

„I am very pleased because many sides are represented on this day, MIA, our international partners and CDT. It is clear that this act must be repeated. There are a lot of weapons in Montenegro, both legal and illegal. Illegal is a big threat and danger for any citizen of Montenegro. Unfortunately, our tradition does not help here. To own a weapon is a matter of honor, although the usage is questionable“, Danilović said today.

He said that this process needs to be repeated as it ensures safety in the future.

“I am thankful to everyone who helped this action. I believe that times ahead of us will justify our actions of today. We send a message of de-militarized society. Others are not used to seeing us in this light. If this had happened 20 or 30 years ago, it would be considered a sin. To destroy weapons is not in our tradition. However, I believe that we are doing a good thing”, he said and thanked partners from Office for development of UN and EU Delegation for their continued efforts to control and decrease the number of weapons and ammunition.

He underscored the success of a campaign Respect life, return the weapons, conducted by MIA in cooperation with CDT and Office for development of UN. Most weapons gathered in the campaign were burned toda.

Dragan Koprivica, director of CDT, said that is a very good feeling to see the results of your work one last time before they are destroyed.

„The iron transforms into something better for the citizens. This is a serious matter, serious issue that exists in Montenegro. It is a part of our negative tradition and we must fight against it together. We continue the action, and we will repeat it shortly. The message we want to send is that we are dealing with the problem”, Koprivica was clear.

Fiona Mccluney, Resident Representative of UNDP in Montenegro, reminded that UN initiated International day for destroying weapons in 2001. This day should remind everyone that weapons are a big threat to countries’ safety.

„We are witness to tragic events that happen all over the world and the region, and we know firearms are used in such activities. Illegal abuse of such weapons is a threat to peace”, she said.

Firearms violence afflicts this region as well, because the weapons are easily available across borders.

„UNDP is cooperating with all the relevant actors in Western Balkan, locally and regionally, in order to determine causes and effects of illegal trade of weapons. Today I am especially happy to support and see th results of efforts of MIA and OSCE and CDT in the process of destroying 1.140 weapons, including 752 guns, seven automated weapons and 381 rifles. Campaign Respect life, return weapons gathered 800 of those weapons”, she concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro