PHOTO: Djukanovic: DPS admitted no guilt for what happened in Budva

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The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) admitted no guilt for what happened in Budva, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said after the official visit to the city.

Asked whether DPS would face consequences at the upcoming elections because the special state prosecutor Milivoje Katnic initiated proceedings against a number of Budva officials, the PM said that his party knew how to face the problems and that each party would show its strength at the elections.

“DPS has not admitted any guilt, it was an individual act. Any liability, in the spirit of our criminal legislation, is individual and it cannot be collective, either in terms of the party or other forms of organisation”, Djukanovic said.

All those who think this is a decisive moment to settle a score with DPS must keep this in mind.

“They will have to settle a score with DPS at the elections. We are ready to responsibly deal with the problem that occurred and to get out of this problem by offering a new perspective to this city. I am absolutely sure that we have the power to offer a realistic projection of the future development of the city and I am sure we have people who will be worthy of the Budva people’s attention in the upcoming elections”, Djukanovic said.

The MP said that during the meetings between the government representatives and leaders of the Municipality of Budva, all the problems this municipality faced with were analysed, looking for solutions.

The PM warned that, as he said, the current urban philosophy in this city should not be forgotten and it should be back on the old track.

“I believe that with increased measures of monitoring we have agreed about, we will create conditions for a much better consolidated finance of this city at this time next year. It means a much better potential for the implementation of development projections and further development of tourism offer of Budva”, Djukanovic said.

The President of the Municipality of Budva Srdja Popovic said that the meeting was organised upon his initiative because of the developments in the municipality in the previous period.

“We have new winds here now, Budva is moving upwards and we expect stability in the city. All of us have to roll up our sleeves in order to achieve better results. This city needs a responsible attitude… and we believe that Budva settle its finances by 2017”, Popovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro