PHOTO: Djukanovic: I will send proposals for the new government by the end of the day

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Prime minister Milo Djukanovic said that he expects to send his proposals for the new government to the parliament by the end of the day.

He reminded that Demos, Civic movement URA and Socialdemocratic party SDP, as well as Socialistic people’s party SNP sent their proposals for ministers, stating that discussions are currently ongoing “with both sides”.

“I expect to finish them during the day in order to send them to the parliament by the end of the day”, said Djukanovic, as it was reported by agency MINA.

He said that what happens after that, depends solely on the opposition.

“They should think about it from the aspect of their interest and their parties’ responsibility for democratic development of Montenegro”, said Djukanovic.

Asked whether he considers SNP to be the signee of the Agreement to, Djukanovic responded affirmatively.

“They made this decision at their Board meeting, and we said at the beginning of the process that it’s open for everyone”, said Djukanovic.

Montenegro always strived to be a part of the solution and to reach it’s goals constructively, by using political tools. We showed that in previous days too internally through dialogue with the opposition about creating conditions for credibility of the electoral process. We deem this to be a great democratic victory of Montenegro”, said Milo Djukanovic at the opening of the Sixth 2BS Forum in Budva.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro