PHOTO: Djukanovic: Opposition would annul Montenegro’s independence

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Today the things are the same as they were before the referendum in 2006, since we are not choosing only the government but also the way of life at these general elections, said the DPS leader Milo Djukanovic at the final DPS convention held in the sports centre Moraca.

“Everything is the same as before the referendum. Only now there is another mentor and financier who helps them to destroy the foundations of their house. They would annul Montenegro’s independence. Even those who do not vote for us are well aware that DPS is a guarantor of stability”, said the prime minister.

“Do we want a stable and prosperous country or a state of violence and hopelessness? Are we going to be a European country or a Russian colony in the Balkans? Will the Montenegro go forward or backward? In this election it will be clearly showed who is for defending and who is for betraying Montenegro”, Djukanovic said.

He added that SDP is the worst product of DPS’ rule.

“The common thing for them is that they are willing to make deals with devil at the expense of the most vital national interests in order to get couple of Parliament seats”, he said. “We will defend the state. Anyone who would like to destroy the state or to make it part of another country should be aware of that”, he said.

Message to Russia:

Do not attack Montenegro! Podgorica and Montenegro will defend the achievements of 21 May despite Branko Radulovic and Ranko Krivokapic’s betrayals, Dusko Markovic said.

He also had a message for Russia. “Do not attack Montenegro, either with money or with traitors. Get rid of the people from Montenegro who would like to be yours. They are neither ours nor yours nor anyone else’s. And you will forget them on 17 October. How can you appreciate those who are ready to betray their home country for a handful of money? Do not attack Montenegro because we will withstand that… although we seem to be tiny. We will defend your house. Do not throw a shadow over the centuries-long friendship”, he said.

Commenting on DF, he said that it was a group of con artists ready to sell not only the state, but also citizens.

Markovic also mentioned, as he put it, “moral dregs more dishonourable than DF”.

“Ranko Krivokapic is the worst result of our policy. And we will remember tall Dzavid Sabovic as a moral dwarf”, Markovic said.

The biggest liar, mice and a lion

Vladan Vucelic also had a message for the opposition. He labelled one of the DF leaders as “one of the biggest liars in Montenegro”. “Keep your hands off my country”, he said. Vucelic also added that every vote for SDP is a vote for DF.

Then he recalled a song on a mouse and a lion, emphasising verses that “mice often talk about the lion… they do not love the lion but they admire him”.

The opposition leaders are disgrace to the political life of Montenegro

The mayor of Podgorica Slavoljub Stijepovic is convinced DPS will win. He believes that the opposition only wanted to earn a few extra pennies. “They are disgrace to the political life of Montenegro”, Stijepovic said. “Podgorica is a city that rightfully expects and demands more and better. Podgorica requires thoughtful and rapid economic development. DPS remains backbone of such future. There is no European Montenegro without DPS”, he said.

It hurts when Montenegro’s defeat is celebrated with foreign flags

The famous Montenegrin water polo player Nikola Janovic, which is also a candidate on DPS electoral register said that it hurts the most when our people celebrate Montenegro’s defeat with foreign flags. “It makes us stronger”, said Janovic.

PHOTO: Vedran Ilic, Dnevne Novine

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro