PHOTO: DPS candidate for MP died in car accident in Niksic; a girl passed away in KCCG

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In a serious car accident that occurred on the main road Niksic-Podgorica today at about 2pm, Slavko Bakovic (24) died. Bakovic was a candidate for MP for the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and the president of party’s Herceg Novi Youth Council. Ksenija Brkovic (24), who was in a coma and transported to the Clinical Centre (KCCG) in Podgorica, passed away.

Hasani Uvejs (30), Alban Selmani (16), Aldnon Fraci (22), Anes Hailovac (27) and Mladen Crnogorac (35) sustained minor injuries. They were discharged to home treatment.

The accident, which involved two cars, a truck and a van, occurred in the third tunnel from Niksic.

Bakovic died immediately and Brkovic was transported to KCCG, where she succumbed to injuries.

After five-hour blockade, traffic was in both directions was normalised at 7pm.


Slavko Bakovic was a candidate for DPS MP and the president of party’s Herceg Novi Youth Council.

Therefore, DPS decided to cancel the convention of its list “Steady Strides! DPS Milo Djukanovic” which was scheduled for today in Pluzine.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro