PHOTO: First day of the Conference gathered 530 participators



One of the biggest marketing conferences in South Eastern Europe is being held under the sponsorship of Montenegrin Telekom in Mediterranean Hotel in Bečić gather more than 530 participators.

Some of the world famous lecturers were Brian Solis, one of the most recognzied marketing experts, Paul Papadimitriou, business innovator, strategist and world famous lecturer from London, John Bredford, one of the key players in the build up of start-up communities in Europe, co-founder of F6S and and former CEO of Techstarsa in London and Danica Kombol, CEO of Everywhere Agency, American marketing agency specizialied for social media and online users influence.

Solis said that innovations and progress are the words that he hears the most often, but he believes that people often misunderstand them.

“We try to be innovational, but I think we mostly repeat ourselves. There is innovation, repetition and failure. Repetition allows us to create new things, but basically, we make them based on the old rules, which prevents us from making a change. We must figure out very simple definitions in order to understand what it is we really want. Innovation entails creating new things with new values, and progress is making new things with old values. When we realize what is it we are working on, we can change our business and recognize bad innovation”, he believes.

According to Papadimitriou, a courage is needed for new things.

„Innovation as a word is unclear and there is a lot of companies that will say: “We need an innovation!” Wat is innovation? I say they are asking the wrong question. The real question is how will you enable people to be innovational? You do not know what makes an innovation, but you know how to recognize it. A company should be like a children’s playground. You need to have freedom to create. Lego blocks are a great example. Given to an adult, he will recreate from the package. A child will create from his mind”, he said.

Bredford spoke of startups and their position based on corporations.

„Corporations will not go away from this system, and we must learn how to cooperate. Start-ups need to have less fear of corporations, and corporations need to learn how to work with business in early stages, to be honest and transparent. There is a small number of corporations who do this currently.”

Speaking of marketing and a need to be innovational, what is needed is to find people who will make influence based on their own experience, presented in a simple and immediate manner. Today, people who can relay a message in an authentic manner are needed.

“People like true stories. Influential people do it in their own way, using their voice and experience, not advertising techniques”, she said.

Left to speak are Dave Hains, member of investment team of Seedcamp in London, Scott Morrison, former director of marketing in Diesel, Levi’s and Tony Conrad, entrepreneur from San Francisco and investor in some of the biggest IT start-ups today.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro