PHOTO: Goranovic at Ivezaj’s home: A rare example of historical treasure

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Culture Minister Pavle Goranovic visited Shtjefan Ivezaj, who keeps a large number of authentic museum objects is in his house in Tuzi.

Shtjefan Ivezaj presented authentic national costumes, weapons, utensils, tools, musical instruments, stamps, books, documents and many other exponents.

As he pointed out, he has long been engaged in professional photography. Therefore a rich collection of cameras has a special place in his home.

Shtjefan Ivezaj turned his home, in which he keeps various items he has been collecting for years, into a kind of museum, but also in a photo gallery, library and philately, open to visitors all year round.

As he said, a large number of tourists and foreign officials have visited his home.

“This is a rare example, not only in our region, but also beyond that a man is committed to a historical treasure and heritage of his people and his region in this way”, Goranovic said after the tour.

He also said that the ministry was particularly obliged to “support the enthusiasm and specific efforts of Ivezaj, who along with his wife, affirms the tradition of his people, thus contributing to its presentation to the world in the right way”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro