PHOTO: Government and opposition attitudes on the contract with A2A

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Vice Prime Minister Vujica Lazović and Milorad Vujović exchanged notes today. Representatives of parliamentary majority in the Government and opposition in the Government exchanged their final positions on the draft of agreement with A2A company.

Vujović said that the representatives of opposition in the Government of electoral trust suggested a few changes.

“A2A has the obligation to sell to state of Montenegro, and Montenegro has an obligation to buy A2A actions that it owns in EPCG for the price of 250 million EUR. Montenegro will pay over seven equal yearly rates, and the first one is to be paid within 60 days from signing the annex of the contract, while the others should be paid 60 days from passing the yearly budget of Montenegro”, he said.

Vujović states that if A2A should refuse this suggestion, opposition in the Government will move to postpone passing of the contract until the elections and new structure of the Parliament.

Lazović responded saying that the first suggestion of the opposition is legally unclear and has issues of implementation in the existing contract.

“The suggestion was passed to A2A company with an invitation to respect the emergency and provide the response as soon as possible. Suggestion of the opposition to postpone the contract until the new structure in the leadership was deemed as a suggestion that fails to protect state interests of Montenegro”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro