PHOTO: Help baby Vasilije – he is 2 months old and he needs food!

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Tatjana Logak and her two-month old son live in Podgorica and they need our help. Baby Vasilije had a stomach surgery on Monday (stenosis – narrowing of the stomach Glico), and is currently being treated at the Clinical Center (MGH).

After surgery, Vasilije needs to be on a special diet and requires costly medications, which his mother is not able to provide.

Any help would go a long way for new mom Tatjana, but as she told CdM reporters, her son currently needs his baby formula the most (Bebilac).

Tatjana is unemployed and has no income from the state; she and her son live on 250 euros Vasilije’s great-grandmother sends them.

She is a single mom, living in a rented studio which was originally a garage. Her living space is humid and with a baby, she also requires a better apartment.

“I couldn’t find anything better. I didn’t have a lot of money to start with, but also, when I call landlords and mention I have a small baby, it’s like I said I am living with a dragon! Nobody will take us in, they want abnormal guarantees and conditions”, complains Tatjana.

Those who want to help financially can send money to her bank account 505241541005130997, and those who want to donate clothes, food, etc., can directly contact Tatjana 069/446-239.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro