PHOTO: Iftar: This is the night of Bar

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On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Municipal Assembly of Bar in cooperation with the Islamic Association of Montenegro organised iftar at the Islamic Cultural Centre in the Old Town Bar on Tuesday.

Over 200 guests were welcomed by the chief imam Mudin Milaimi and the chairman of the Municipal Assembly Radomir Novakovic Cakan who pointed out that this was the night of Bar.

“Iftar is the joy because we spent the day in obedience to God. The first third of Ramadan has passed and it represented rahmet (mercy), we have entered another third, which means forgiveness, and then we will enter the third one, representing rescue–selam. God created us different to live with each other and to get to know each other and not to fight each other”, Mudin Milaimi said.

He also thanked the Municipal Assembly and the initiator of the evening, Radomir Novakovic Cakan.

Novakovic said that harmony among the peoples living in Bar was always a characteristic of the town, which was proved by this night.

“This is the night of Bar, the night of residents of Bar and the symbolism of this night speaks louder than words”, Novakovic said.

The Speaker of Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic, vice president of the Municipality of Bar Dusan Raicevic and the ambassadors of Turkey, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates were among the guests at the iftar, as well as businessmen and representatives of the Municipal Assembly.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro