PHOTO: In 40 year HE Piva produced 30 billions kilowatt hours of electricity

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Hydropower plant “Piva” in 40 years of its operation, while using three identical aggregates with total power of 342 MW, produced and delivered more than 30 billion kilowatt-hours of electric power.

HE “Piva” delivered first electricity on 28th of March in 1976. It was one decade before the exploration and preparation began for construction of this grandeous object in a beautiful, but also stern and primarily dangerous canyon of mountain river Piva.

Milan Radovic, director of HE Piva, emphasized that thanks to the quality of equipment, but also to expertise and effort of the employees, in previous 40 years remarkable results were made with constantly high level of operational readiness of the plant.

Regular yearly overhauls, investments in maintenenace and modernization of existing objects but also ambitional plans for realization of new projects all have an important place in business policies of EPCG. Executive head of the Functional unit Production and head of the Department for development, Fulvio Ivo Guidi, emphasized that hydropower plant Piva is one of the main three links in a chain that provides stable supply of electric energy on Montenegrin market.

“A lot has been invested during time to maintain a constantly high level of reliability of plant’s operations. Significant projects had been carried out, but having in mind that continuity is very important in this business, we will continue with investments in the upcoming period as well. Vision for this plant is the continuation of its efforts, higher reliability and higher power, but also a strategic intention to continue with continuous reconstructions and modernization of the equipment and the object”, said Guidi.

As a sign of memory and respect to workers who died during the construction of the hydropower plant “Piva”, Milan Radovic, the director of the company along with his associates laid a wreath on a memorial at the crown of the dam.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro