PHOTO: Instead of hospital, Marovic came to the trial: Confessed guilt without pressure

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In spite of the fact that he was supposed to go to the hospital today, Svetozar Marovic came sick to the Higher court in Podgorica, where the second agreement that he had made with Special public prosecution has been discussed, under which he’s supposed to serve two years in prison and pay 50.000 euros to charity.

“Judge of the Higher court Dragoje Jovic will very soon make a decision regarding the agreement. If he gives the green light, he is obliged to make a verdict within three days by which the agreement will be formalized”, said Marovic’s lawyer Zdravko begovic.

“I am absolutely sure that the agreement will be adopted, This agreement includes charges against my client for abuse of the public administration position in terms of encouragement and he’s been sentenced to a single two years prison sentence. He also has to pay 50.000 euros within three months of financial fine and 1.000 euros for the court costs”, said Begovic.

And Svetozar Marovic came to the trial in spite of his illness and the fact that he needs to rest. Namely, according to the latest report by the doctors Marovic’s cardio vascular chronic diseases are worsening.

After last week’s discussion in front of the court, Marovic spoke to the public for the first time and did it in writing. He said then that he didn’t prevent what he didn’t know that has happened, and that the guilt is only his, and not by the party that he created and thought of as of his own child.

“All stories that these agreements were made under pressure have no basis in reality because Marovic confirmed even today at the hearing that he did everything on a voluntary basis. This letter was a sort of a personal expression of my client, and agreements were initiated by Mr. Marovic and myself”, he claims.

Begovic is not aware that there are any other investigations ongoing against Marovic other than those that are included in this agreement or that have already been processed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro