PHOTO: MIA removed the table with Kosovo’s sigil and flag of Albania from Montenegro’s territory

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Flag of Albania and tables with annotations Kosovo Republic and Welcome were removed by Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs. The tables were set by representatives of Samoopredeljenje, to show where “the real border” is.

The tables and the flag were set yesterday before noon.

They were set on Montenegro’s territory, between border crossing Kula and border crossing Savine vode on Kosovo’s side, it was said in MIA.

“In order to asses facts and keep the territorial integrity intact, police officers took measure in cooperation with state prosecutor, including removing of said tables and the flag”, MIA stated.

Later on the same day, around 8pm, border police of Rožaje found individuals on sight, who claimed they were there to record a TV report on demarcation of the border.

“Police officers warned the individuals that they were on Montenegro’s territory, and that for such activities they must have a permit from Montenegro’s instances. After that, they left our territory”, they said in MIA.

The question is whether the activities of this case hurt Montenegrin territorial integrity.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU integration was notified. Their jurisdiction is solving matters of border incidents via diplomatic means”, they said in MIA.

The agreement on state border between Montenegro and Kosovo was signed on August 26th 2015 in Vienna, after three years of negotiations.

In accordance with Article 12 of that agreement, Montenegro and Kosovo have an obligation to ratify the Agreement.

During Montenegro’s Parliament session of December 28th of last year, the Law of ratification of the Agreement was passed, with an expectation that Kosovo’s Parliament would do the same.

Independent international expert committee with members from USA, Great Britain and Germany approved of the Agreement and border process.

Samoopredjeljenje: We proved where is the border between Kosovo and Montenegro

Samopredeljenje’s PR Fisnik Isamilji wrote on Facebook that yesterday’s action is a way for citizens to show their disagreement with giving away Kosovo’s land to Montenegro based on the Agreement that has been a matter of discussion between the opposition and the leadership for months, Srbija danas reports.

“By raising Albania’s flag, we showed where is the border between Kosovo and Montenegro”, Ismailji wrote under the picture.

“It is a point 8 kilometers away from Kosovo’s police and 2 kilometers away from Montenegro’s police. We will continue to object to this territorial divide”, Ismailji wrote.

Movement Samoopredelenje, along with Alliance for Kosovo’s Future and Kosovo Initiative, has been opposed to the Agreement on state borders between Montenegro and Kosovo.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro