PHOTO: Military helicopter crashed: One pilot in a coma, the other slightly injured

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Helicopter of Armed Forces of Montenegro (VCG) Gazella HN-45M, No 12941, crashed near Komanski Most near Podgorica today at about 1pm, during the execution of planned training flight.

As the Ministry of Defence stated, pilots, the VCG Air Force deputy commander, Colonel Namik Arifovic, and a clerk in flight operations, lieutenant colonel Miroljub Antanasijevic, were in the helicopter.

The head of Clinical Centre Intensive Care Unit Zoran Jovancevic told reporters that Arifovic was in a coma.

“It has a brain injury that cannot be operated”, he said.

The other pilot Miroljub Antanasijevic is also in ICU but he has minor injuries.

“There are fractures of his sternum, but he is stable and conscious”, said the doctor.

He added that both of them can be treated in the Clinical Centre and there is no need for their transportation to some other hospital.

The Ministry of Defence said that in cooperation with state authorities they were undertaking all the relevant activities to identify the cause of the fall.

“The commission to determine the causes of the accident is being formed”, the ministry stated.

As the ministry added, it will regularly inform the public about new relevant information on the accident. As CDM learns, Atanasijevic got out of the helicopter on his own, whereas Arifovic had to be pulled out.

The helicopter was destroyed, but it did not ignite.

A local Rasim Softic told the journalist of Dnevne Novine newspaper that he had noticed low-flying helicopter coming from Danilovgrad.

“I saw… it fell. I called the neighbours and we immediately came to help”, he said.

PHOTO: Vedran Ilic, downloading photos is strictly prohibited

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro