PHOTO: Milkraft Leche in Pavino Polje by the end of the year

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Construction of Milkraft Leche dairy plant in Pavino Polje, which is to employ about 150 workers, will be completed by the end of the year and about €20m will be invested in it, said the Milkraft company owner Dragan Buric.

In addition to Buric, the start of construction has been officially marked today by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petar Ivanovic, the president of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Aleksandar Zuric, and the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Montenegro, Hafsa Al Ulama.

Buric told reporters that it was the beginning of the second phase of the project, Mina Business news agency carried.

“I hope that we will soon complete the construction and, most importantly, that we will produce good quality products and that the residents of Pavino Polje, and entire Montenegro, will be proud of being able to present our products to the world”, Buric said.

He added that the plant would certainly be completed by the end of the year and would employ about 150 workers.

“So this is a serious project for Montenegro”, Buric said, adding that the total investment is over €20m worth.

Minister Ivanovic said that a “famous perception on the purpose of Abu Dhabi Fund’s assets” was probably forgotten.

“I must remind you that we have wasted nearly two years in arguing about that perception. Let us imagine that this project began two years ago, that it is completed now and that 150 people work here – what a progress could have been achieved in that case?” said Ivanovic.

He pointed out that the battle between work and idleness should be continued in Montenegro.

“This is a project that promotes work and creation. We will be able to create a new value here. Here and in other plants in Bijelo Polje the value that contributes to domestic product will be created”, Ivanovic said, reminding that no value can be created by sitting at home doing nothing.

He pointed out that the indirect employment should not be forgotten, since it is a plant that will allow redeeming high quality milk from farmers, not only from Pavino Polje, but also from a significant part of the north of Montenegro.

Zuric said that the dairy plant in Pavino Polje was one of three plants that are being built in Bijelo Polje municipality and that they would be completed by the end of the year.

“This complex is the result of understanding among the government, the municipality and investors who recognised a serious potential of Bijelo Polje,” he said.

Zuric said that the Milkraft company had constructed a diary farm barn for about 500 cows.

He believes that its dairy products would be a worthy representative of Montenegro in the world.

Ambassador Al Ulama said that a few months ago she had visited Pavino Polje and that a significant progress was made since then.

“I am convinced that this is a significant investment in the north of Montenegro, and that this will be a centre for redeeming and producing milk,” said Al Ulama.

She said she was very happy that the Abu Dhabi Fund had recognised the project and was a partner in it.

“I am sure this project will be important for the further development of the north of Montenegro”, Al Ulama added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro