PHOTO: Nine million euros for the new Voli distribution center

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President of the European bank for reconstruction and development Suma Chakrabarti and owner of Voli Dragan Bokan officially marked the beginning of preparation works for the construction of the new Voli distribution center, in which nine million euros will be invested.

Chakrabarti visited the biggest retail chain in Montenegro, in which ERBD has 15.7 percent of shares. Beginning of the works was planned for September, and it is expected that the object will be finished by September of 2017.

“The importance of this investment is multiple – for Voli in terms of improving the business operations and reduction of operational costs, and for Montenegrin agricultural producers which will for the first time have a secure, continuous placement of their products. Also, it is of big importance that this center will provide the customers with high quality and standardized agricultural products, because safety of the food is an imperative”, said Bokan at today’s media conference.

He said that the area of the level floor of the distribution center will be around 16.000 square meters.

He expects that the works will begin at the end of August or latest at the beginning of September and he hopes that all paperwork necessary for construction will be acquired within next two weeks.

“Center represents the basis for further development of Voli and dmoestic production, as a strong support to new investments, improvement of touristic offer and motivating local population to turn to production and decrease the import of the goods that can be produced on our land”, concluded Bokan.

President of EBRD Suma Chakrabarti said that Voli has very significant plans that include this distributive center.

“I would like to praise the management of the company, and we will, thanks to our members in the board, improve plans of the company to further develop”, emphasized the president of EBRD.

By December of 2015 EBRD ivested around 10 million euros in Voli Trade LLC. EBRD invested more than 500 million euros until present day in Montenegro and mobilized total value of the investment in amount of over 900 million euros.

PHOTO: CdM, Iva Mandic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro