PHOTO: Pajovic at the convention: Never with those who betray the country

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Peace and political stability in Montenegro are a result of the decision of Pozitivna Montenegro from 27th of January, when we supported the government, said the leader of this party Darko Pajovic last night at his party’s convention in Podgorica.

“It is time to ask everyone, friends, neighbors, and even some relatives, who were on our tail asking us what have we done on 27th of January, do they understand now?”, asked Pajovic.

Peace, political stability, big demand for joining the government of Milo Djukanovic, never more politically stable Montenegro, clear course towards EU and NATO integrations, and no opponents of our country in the government – these are the results of Pozitivna’s decision from 27th of Januray, said Pajovic categorically.

“In this period the key word is changes. We will all speak about changes, especially representatives from the opposition. But we’re a specific country, we have two oppositions. We have the self-proclaimed opposition, and these are the ones that will do anything to remain in power. The real opposition is the traditional one, and the so-called one is a copy of Pozitivna Montenegro from 2012. For the traditional one, change means change of course of Montenegro away from EU and NATO and towards Russia”, said Pajovic.

Leader of Pozitivna Montenegro said that the traditional opposition wants to deny the results of the referendum from 2006.

Pajovic claims that there’s a third group too.

“Those who say that NATO and EU are not important, they don’t have opinion on anything. That is hypocritical, because what kind of a political elite doesn’t have opinion on anything”, asked Pajovic.

He clearly stated – Pozitivna Montenegro does not support the thesis of liberalization and free market.

For vice president Azra Jasavic, the time of Pozitivna is yet to come.

She emphasized that Pozitivna won’t allow many to harm them and others anymore.

“We were the factor of stability and the link that brought the position and the opposition to the phase of political stability, so that they can have a fair fight on the political scene, without a drop of spilled blood”, said Jasavic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro