PHOTO: Pajovic thanked Albania: Good neighbor – a door to heaven!

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Good neighbor – a door to heaven! This saying of yours is the best description of the importance of good neighbor relations and mutual hlep between two countries wihich have common culture, common history and common values, said the president of the parliament Darko pajovic in Albanian parliament after ratifying the protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO.

He thanked Albania for ratifying the protocol, stating that Membership in NATO is a historical, cultural, and civilizational step forward for Montenegro and is a testimony of Montenegrin dedication to western system of values and western civilization.

According to him, Albanians in our country were always loyal citizens and they “proved this in 2006 when they showed great support for independent and sovereign Montenegro, and they keep showing it every day by contributing to modern, European and civic Montenegro”.

Albanian parliament members will be able to use native language

Parliament of Montenegro will give a positive response to the initiative of Albanian national parties to allow them to use their native language, said the leader of the parliament Darko Pajovic during the meeting with his Albanian colleague Ilir Meta.

“Pajovic thanked for friendly and honest reception by the hosts emphasizing that until now he has heard a lot about Albanian hospitality but that he personally experienced it in these two days”, it was said from the cabinet of the president of the Parliament.

Meta expressed his satisfaction by the fact that Albania will ratify the protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO today and send a message to other members of the Alliance.

“Both parties expressed their satisfaction by excellent neighbour relations that are characterized by mutual help, trust and respect, and agreed upon the upcoming activities which will additionally strengthen and enrich relations between Montenegro and Albania”, it was stated in the announcement.

Pajovic invited Meta to visit Montenegro and they agreed to intensify cooperation between two parliaments especially in area of joining EU where Montenegro can be helpful with its experience.

Member of the delegation of Montenegrin parliament was also the president of the Board for international relations and immigrants Miodrag Vukovic.

Rama: Other partners should ratify the protocol too

“Pajovic expressed his hopes that Albania will receive green light from EU as soon as possible for opening the negotiations”, it was said from his cabinet.

He emphasized that Montenegro, as a good neghbor and friend, will gladly share its experiences with Albania.

“It was emphasized that possibilities of improvement of cooperation are particularly big in area of economy and sustainable development, and mutual sustainable projects in area of Skadar lake, river Bojana and Prokletije mountain”, it was stated in the announcement.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro