PHOTO: Pajovic: The dishonest participate in the government that would not exist if it weren’t for Positive Montenegro

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Today it is clear to everyone that the decision the Positive Montenegro (PCG) made on 27 January and the agreement on creation of conditions for organising fair and free elections does not represent either treason or political corruption, but rather an authentic path that we jointly charted four years ago, said the PCG president Darko Pajovic at a ceremony marking the fourth anniversary of that party. He said that PCG would not give up implementation of the vision it set when it was founded.

At the beginning, Pajovic called in mind all the developments that marked PCG and the political life of Montenegro in the previous four years. He said the period was full of challenges, both for the party and for the overall socio-political development of Montenegro.

“During that period, Positive Montenegro, as a young and promising political force, contributed to the development of democracy in extent and in a manner that cannot be brought into question. Despite all the challenges, I am honoured and pleased to proudly stand before you today”, said Pajovic.

He mentioned comments about PCG when the party was founded and the party achievements reached thanks to the vision they had.

“We said then that the government was not good and that the opposition was bad. We said that we wanted changes that would make bridges within the divided Montenegro, thus providing conditions for democratic and social progress. We said we would join neither this ruling elite nor this opposition… Many people doubted both our vision and our political power”, he said.

According to him, since that time, there have been many media injustices, false qualifications, rough lies and insinuations addressed against PCG.

“We had to put up with all those pressures, deceptions, lies and media labels for the sake of our vision and the objective that we have set. Most importantly, we had no compromise on that way and we did not lose hope. We showed with our strong attitude that we were not willing to trade. We made firm steps toward goals that we jointly defined”, Pajovic said.

He said he was convinced many would challenge his words, “as it was the case until now”.

“They will tell you that in certain moments we could have done better. I want to say clearly that they do not speak for the sake of truth, but for the sake of their own interest… It is reasonable to ask how to align all those interests with the key one, ie people’s interest and the interests of the independent and sovereign Montenegro. We have always persevered on this vision. We made difficult, sometimes unpopular, but always correct and crucial decisions that cannot be disputed today”, said Pajovic.

“It is clear that a large number of people cannot understand that a party sometimes has the capacity to make political decisions in the interest of citizens, not party officials. In recent months, we have all been convinced that PCG is precisely such a party”, Pajovic said.

He admits that certain mistakes have been made in the process, but they were recognised.

“We have learnt from those mistakes, we have strengthened based on these mistakes. Today, after just four years, not only that we possess our original power and authenticity, but also the necessary experience to strengthen all our capacity in the period ahead us and political will for the necessary changes”, Pajovic said.

He mentioned several significant dates in the four-year history of the party, pointing out that 27 January 2016 when PCG supported the Government was one of them. The support was previously conditioned by the acceptance of the PCG’s plan for overcoming the political crisis.

Pajovic called in mind that the decision allowed the opposition to enter the government in order to control the electoral process, although it was labelled as “treacherous” decision by the party oligarchy, media parties and anti-state opposition.

“Those who accused us knew then, as well as they do now, that these allegations are not true. However, they wholeheartedly with all media racketeer instruments pressed the public to accept this falsehood as the truth. But after some time, they also understood and accepted our decision… Based on this decision, we signed the agreement and a new government in Montenegro has been formed – the first one that brings together representatives of both the government and the opposition. Without conscious and honour, they signed the agreement arising from our political decision and in the same time labelled our decision as treacherous. It is clear that after the act of signing, they either admitted that they are as big ‘traitors’ as we are, or they admitted that the agreement was made for the benefit of all citizens… If they were not ignorant and dishonest, they … would not participate in the government, which would not have existed if it was not for PCG, continuing to label PCG as ‘traitors’”, said Pajovic.

According to him, today it is clear to everyone that PCG’s decision made on 27 January and the agreement based on it did not arise from a treason or political corruption, “but it is an authentic path that we have jointly charted four years ago”.

He said that members of PCG must fight uncompromisingly for the poor, vulnerable, disenfranchised and losers of the transition process that pushed us back in terms of some important matters in the last 20 years”.

PHOTO: CdM, Vedran Ilić

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro