PHOTO: Shot Nikšić man in the back, suspects found with TT pistols

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Serious homicide happened today in the city below Trebjesa, when Peko Đikanović (43) and Dragan Kontić (33), the suspects, shot the back of Nikšić man Dragoljub Šmiško Mijušković (55) several times, rendering him dead on the sight.

The homicide happened close to the City tavern on the main city square today around 10:30h, in the presence of many citizens.

Peko Đikanović and Dragan Kontić turned to police immediately, and admitted to the crime.

They both had TT pistols.

The motive of the crime is not known. The investigation is ongoing.

PHOTO: Milovan Danilović, Dnevne novine

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro