PHOTO: The concrete poured into foundation pits: Construction of Moracica began

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By pouring concrete into foundation pits the construction of Moracica bridge has begun at the section of the highway Bar-Boljare.

By setting up the foundation, pouring in five tons of concrete for the most demanding object, the bridge Moracica, the construction of the biggest project in Montenegrin history has begun, said minister of transport Ivan Brajovic.

Bridge Moračica, as he added, is particularly important.

The beginning of the construction was marked by fireworks by Chinese company.

Project manager at CRBC company Wang Hongbo said that until today the received permits for tunnel Vjeternik and bridge Moracica.

“Successful project demands our mutual efforts and the work will be finished on time in order to build a high quality road”, he said.

It is in the interest of the constructors to make a high quality prject, said Wang.

“We won’t make any compromise with the quality and safety of the construction. We will insist with partners from CRBC that everything is done in accordance with the project, with full respect to their knowledge. They can make some changes via the main project all with the goal of finishing the investment which will earn us more respectability in the region”, said Brajovic.

The construction of the priority section, Smokovac – Uvac – Matesevo, 41 kilometers long, began on je 11th of May last year and starting from that date the deadline for the project to be finished is four years. If the project is late however, Brajovic said that the constructor will have to pay for the consequences. However he added that in large projects there are always unpredictable situations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro