PHOTO: This is DPS’s list for elections, Markovic: We won’t be offering fairy tales

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Deputy of the president of Democratic party of socialists DPS Dusko Markovic presented at a press conference today DPS’s list for elections in October, which is led by the prime minister of DPS Milo Djukanovic. On the list, which is mostly occupied by politicians, there are sportsmen too, but also a journalist.

On the second place is Markovic, and right behind them are Milutin Simovic, Daliborka Pejovic and Mevludin Nuhodzic.

On the sixth place on the list is Tarzan Milosevic, on seventh is Branimir Gvozdenovic, on eighth Zorica Kovacevic, ninth Miodrag-Bobo Radunovic and tenth Vladan Vucelic.

Then comes a member of LP, Marta Scepanovic, Petar Ivanovic, Nikola Janovic….

Journalist Andrija Nikolic is also there, whose TV show “In center”, as CdM published yesterday, was suspended until elections which is why he left the public media company.

When it comes to election program which was adopted last night at the Main board, Markovic said that it is very realistic.

“We turned Montenegro into an attractive investment destination, and GDP was increased by three percent. We started many capital projects, and also put the data in the program which are a recommendation to citizens to vote for us at the elections”, said Markovic.

Full integration in EU and NATO, as Markovic said, remains the priority of foreign affairs.

“Package of social measures will be high on our agenda. We won’t offer any fairy tales, but realistic and sustainable solutions”, said Markovic.

While speaking about why Pejanovic Djurisic, Kavaric, Zorana Jelic, are not on the list, Markovic said that DPS chose the best list, and that the aforementioned will remain part of the team after 16th of October too.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro