PHOTO: Traces of Ice age in a cave near Niksic

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On locality Vrbicka cave, remains have been found that testify about inhabitancy of this area in prehistoric period.

Students of archaeology from British university in Cardiff, together with Montenegrin students, are examining Vrbicka cave for a month now, which is located at the territory of municipality of Niksic.

As one of the leaders of the project “Hunters-collectors in North-western Montenegro” and a lecturer at the British university Dusan Boric has told to Dnevne newspaper, traces have been found in the cave which testify of the inhabitancy of this area during various periods of time.

“The oldest proof that we have so far, and we might find even older one, is from the last ice age. this is the period of around 24 000 years ago. Hunters lived here and it’s a bit odd that there were any in this area because it was the era of maximum glaciation, or the maximum of an ice age to be more precise”, said Boric and added that also very interesting are bones of groundogs which testify of the hunt, along which remains of tools and cutting were also found.


As the leader of the project from Montenegrin side Nikola Borovinic from Center for archaeology and conservation of Montenegro said for DN, the examination of Vrbicka cave is a result of the beginning of the creation of the archaeological map of Montenegro.

“Examinations have been done at several other localities, but those found in Vrbicka cave are very significant, which is why this location has been continuously examined since 2012. This year we also organized the work at the base in the camp, where we intensively work on analyzing ceramic fragments that we have discovered during all these years, processing of the bones, stones and sorting of all of it”, said Borovinic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro