PHOTO: Vukoslavcevic talked to the murderer in front of the entrance

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Citizen of Bar Zeljko Vukoslavcevic (40) was most likely killed because of some personal issues and not in a mob ambush. This suspicion is confirmed by the first results of a thorough investigation which seem to show that Vukoslavcevic and his murderer knew each other.

The victim, who was in prison until recently due to violent behavior, was murdered last night around 23:20 pm in front of the entrance of the building where he lives, in Jovana Tomasevica street.

“The killer is thought to have rung at the front door of the building after which Vukoslavcevic came down. After a short quarrel the unkown man took the gun out and started shooting at him”, said the source of Dnevne newspaper and CdM which is close to the investigation.

Bar has been under police siege since last night, and investigators believe that there are many clues which will help in solving this murder case which according to the initial information does not have the “signature” of the organized crime.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro