Pilot Antanasijević out of the hospital, the cause of the Gazelle’s fall to be known before June 26

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After treatment at the ICU and the orthopedics ward, the pilot of the Army of Montenegro, Miroljub Antanasijević, who was injured in a helicopter crash on June 10 in Podgorica, has been released for home treatment. Deputy Commander of the Air Force, Colonel Namik Arifović, remains in hospital, as confirmed for CdM news portal from the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry did not, however, directly say whether the pilots are able to talk, and whether they spoke to them about what was happening in the helicopter before the crash.

The cause of the helicopter crash, MoD says, will be known by the end of next week.

“The Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the competent state institutions, has taken all measures in order to establish the causes of the helicopter crash. June 26th was given as deadline for the report of the expert commission. Also, a complete investigation into the helicopter crash is being led by the State Prosecutor’s Office”, the ministry said for our portal.

None of the 14 helicopters property of MNE Army will be cleared to fly until the MoD finds out why the “Gazelle” fell.

“All helicopters are grounded until further notice, in accordance with the Guidelines for the Prevention and Investigating of aircraft accidents, which advises prohibition of flying during investigation. It defines a temporary ban on flying the aircraft type that suffered the fall until the cause of the accident is found, as well as a no-fly decision for all subordinate units”, explained the MoD.

In response to CdM’s questions, the MoD has announced the sale of seven aircraft and mentioned a helicopter Mi-8 that is past its useful life, which is intended to become a museum piece.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro