Plea bargains with Marović in the hands of judges Savić and Jović

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President of the Higher Court in Podgorica judge Boris Savić is in charge of one of two plea bargains in which former official of DPS Svetozar Marović pleaded guilty of fraud in five affairs in Budva.

Second plea bargain is in the hands of judge Dragoje Jović, it was confirmed for Pobjeda by PR of Higher Court Aida Muzurović.

“One plea bargain is handled by judge Boris Savić, while another one is handled by judge Dragoje Jović”, the statement from Higher Court reads.

Muzurović explained that there is no deadline defined by law for one the hearings and decisions need to be made in regards to plea bargains.

Marović signed the plea bargains on May 17th. He is obliged to spend 50 months in prison and pay 100 000 EUR as damages for corrupt actions in affairs Krapina, Bečići, „Properti investment“, “Kopirajt“, „Prijevor”, „Jaz i TQ Plaza“. One of the bargains obliged Marović to pay million EUR to the state. This amounts to assumed revenue from his criminal actions.

Although he pleaded not guilty upon his arrest, Marović started negotiations with Prosecution in March. Prosecution charged him with being a leader of a crime group. Witnesses Rajko Kuljača, Igor Trnski and Mirko Latinovic named him as leader of the organization. They spoke with the Prosecution about the affairs Marović conducted. He was arrested on December 17th, on charges of doing illegal business in affairs „Jaz, TQ Plaza“ and “Prijevor“, that were compiled into one case by the Prosecution. Shortly thereafter, Marović was charged with frauds in million EUR amounts in five more affairs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro