Pleaded not guilty, verdict on September 11th

The trial in the case “Kosljun”is finished, and the verdict will be pronounced on September 11th. In closing arguments, defense lawyers and the suspects Lazar Radjenovic, Aleksandar Ticic and Jelica Petricevic denied guilt and reiterated that have nothing to do with the offenses they are charged with.

The accused businessman from Budva Vido Radjenovic reiterated that he admits his guilty.

“In closing arguments, we pointed out that from the beginning we do not know the action that our client did, and we are absolutely sure and convinced of his innocence and that the Court will make a fair and the only possible verdict of acquittal”, Dragoljub Djukanovic, Lawyer of Aleksandar Ticic said after the trial.

Lazar Akovic, the laywer of Vido Radjenovic expects the court to take into account his client’s admission of guilt.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro