Poland: Montenegro in NATO limits the Russian influence

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The Senate of the Polish parliament today unanimously adopted the law on ratification of the Montenegro’s membership in NATO, on the grounds that it will significantly limit Russian influence in the Balkans and show that Moscow has no right to veto the expansion of the Western military alliance.

“The decision on the admission of Montenegro in NATO means above all a confirmation of continuity of the open door policy by giving perspective to Georgia, and in the future, to Finland and Sweden, should they choose to join NATO”, the reasoning behind the ratification says.

Senators and deputies highlighted the importance of Montenegro as a new Western ally for stopping Russian influence in the Balkans.

“Membership of Montenegro plays an important role in the context of limiting the Russian influence in Western Balkans. By receiving Montenegro into NATO, we confirm that third countries do not have the right to veto the expansion of this organization”, the Polish parliament stated when passing the law.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro