Police confirmed: Beharović was arrested due to suspicion that he works for ISIS

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Police Directorate confirmed that what CdM and Dnevne Novine daily wrote about is correct, and that Montenegrin citizen Hamid Beharović was arrested due to suspicion that he took part in war in Syria, fighting for ISIS. Police Directorate said that this is the first arrest for this crime and that they will continue to gather evidence on individuals that are suspected to have fought on foreign land, and others who could be connected to our citizens leaving and joining foreign army formations.

„Police Directorate and Crime Police Sector, Sector for fight against organized crime and corruption and Special police unit took continuous measures and actions dedicated to fighting and preventing Montenegrin citizens leaving for foreign wars. They did so in cooperation with Agency for National Safety, on the order f Special State Prosecution in Podgorica. They have gathered evidence that raises suspicion that h.b. (38) from Ulcinj committed crime act of taking part in foreign army formations from Crime regulation of Montenegro, article 449b“, Police Directorate statement reads.

Police Directorate added that the suspect committed this act in 2015, when he traveled to Syria through Turkey, there joining ISIS, where he spent over a year. Once he returned to Montenegro on 08.09.2016, he was arrested.

„Officials of Police Directorate, along with ANB and on order of Prosecution, will continue to implement activities with an aim of gathering evidence on suspects believed to have took part in foreign wars. This is the first case of arrest and charges against Montenegro’s citizens for this type of crime”, the statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro