Police is looking for the killer

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Police works intensively to shed light on the murder of Niko Roganovic, which occurred during the night in Dubrava, Herceg Novi, reported Police administration.

The police takes all measures to identify and find the perpetrators, the administration informs.

Roganovic was killed in a shootout in Herceg Novi. Niko Roganovic is father of Dusko Roganovic, who lost his legs in an explosion in April.

“About 1.30 am unknown persons approached the vehicle in which NR was and fired several shots at him, from which NR died. The state prosecutor from the State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica was informed and performed investigation with police officers on the scene, “the police said.

On April 25, unidentified persons activated an explosive device placed under the car of Dusko Roganovic with a remote control, while he was driving past the main bus station in Herceg Novi.

Roganovic spent eight years in prison for murder of the Delije leader, Marko Vesnic, and wounding of Ivan Markovic in Igalo 2009.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro