Police offer reward for information on who shot Predrag Šuković

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Police Department is launching the initiative to call for a public reward for information that would assist in identification of the suspect, who on July 11 in the center of Podgorica, wounded the former Head of the Department for the fight against organized crime and corruption, Predrag Šukovića, reports Dnevne Novine daily.

PD management is expected to make the offer formal by submitting the initiative to the Interior Ministry in the next few days. The final decision will be made by the Government. The amount of the reward is not yet known.

The police sated the attack on Šuković did not threaten only his, but the integrity of the entire department and the state. This is why, as they said, all operational structures of the police are working intensively on shedding light on the assassination attempt. The investigation is focused on identifying and finding the perpetrator or his handler, if the crime was commissioned.

According to unofficial information, assistance was requested from partner PDs in the region.

‘Photos and footage of the attacker were sent to colleagues from the region on suspicion that the suspect is not from Montenegro”, the police explained.

Suspicion that the cold-blooded shooter came from abroad is indicated in the fact that he shot Sukovic in broad daylight, in the center of Podgorica, unmasked. After his three shots, he simply ran away a hundred meters and disappeared without a trace.

Šuković was released from hospital on Saturday, but according to unofficial information, did not request police protection, nor the assessment of threat to his safety.

The attacker was wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt and jeans, and was a male aged 45 to 50 years. Šuković was at the end of June conditionally sentenced to three months in prison for threats to the Deputy Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic. The bill of indictment states Šuković posted comments on the website of Vijesi daily “which threatened the Deputy Prime Minister”. After the prosecution withdrew from further prosecuting Šuković, Marković filed private charges against him.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro