Police officers education too expensive for the state

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Every student of Police Academy in Danilovgrad costs the state 15.000 EUR. There are less and less candidates with excellent grades applying.

Information on status of individuals who had finished Police Academy states that less than a half of them did not begin working in Police Directorate, while some of them wait for jobs for two, three years.

“This type of education is expensive for the state, and students do not start working after getting degrees, losing the skills and knowledge they acquired”, the document states.

The problem arises also when students get a job in the DIrectorate, and then quit after a short while, which makes the state lose the money it invested in their schooling.

“This issue could be solved by making normative changes and contracts with students, that would oblige them to spend a certain time working for the Police (5 or 7 years). Otherwise, they would have to reimburse the state for its expenses”, Information states.

Less and less candidates with excellent grades apply to Police Academy.

“By guaranteeing a job in Police Directorate after Academy, the interest for enrolment would increase, and more quality candidates would apply”, the document reads.

Students’ grades at the end of high school are not taken into account, so the candidates with excellent grades get the same amount of points as those with bad grades.

Ministry of Interior Affairs – Police Directorate has no jurisdiction in creating education plans and programs for Police Academy, which resulted in a large number of unemployed graduates.

“Education plans and programs need to be revised and adjusted with modern standards of police education. School system in Montenegro does not allow students of the Academy to acquire high education of 180 and 240 ETC, so the officials finish schools that have no connection with police business, thus failing to contribute to the quality of police performance”, Information reads.

A stronger connection needs to exist between teachers on the Academy and Police Directorate, so they can put their knowledge in the function of solving concrete issues on the field (legal opinions, procedures, arrests, apprehensions, etc). That would enable them to have better content, plans and trainings for professional situations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro