Police officers used force in 297 cases

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Officers of the Police directorate used force in 297 cases last year and the head supervisor found that there was no illegal behavior.

In the department for internal control of the police 52 controls have been done – checking the legality of actions of the police officers, based on the operational and other intell about possible irregularities and illegalities at work.

„In 24 cases the controls have found some mistakes or illegalities in procedures executed by police officers. In the remaining 28 cases, no irregularities were found”, it was stated from the Ministry of internal affairs.

Controls of police actions were made based on 52 compaints by citizens, out of which three compaints were valid, and 49 had no real basis.

Chiefs of the organizational units of the Police directorate received 76 complaint by the citizens regarding the actions of police officers.

It was found that 75 of these compaints were not valid, while one complaint was found valid.

Officers of the Police directorate used force in 297 cases.

„Based on the legal regulations, head supervisor of the Police directorate found that all uses of force in all cases were legal”, it was stated in the report of the Ministry of internal affairs on the activities and results from 2015.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro