Police: Protests across the Assembly

The protest, organized by the Democratic Front (DF) on Sunday on a plateau across the street from the Parliament of Montenegro was approved, said today the Director of the Police Slavko Stojanovic, adding that any attempt of violence will be punished.

“We have operative information that there could be attacks on police officers and we say publicly that we will not allow it. Any attack will be prevented and punished, ” Stojanovic said.

Speaking at the press conference, he said the police would not allow blocking of road and traffic.

“Police have approved the holding of a public meeting organized by the DF, in the belief that the organizer will fully comply with all that is required by law, and that meeting will be held in peaceful and democratic atmosphere,” Stojanovic said.

He said that the public gathering organized by DF is reported to the Police in a timely manner, to be held on September 27, at 18 o’clock.

” We said to representatives of the organizers that in addition to an approved location – space opposite the Parliament of Montenegro in Podgorica, we will not allow the gathering on a different location in the city, as well as any delays or blocking of roads in Podgorica,” Stojanovic pointed out.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro