Police refutes the media: Those who don’t register the visit pay 60, and not 300 euros at the border

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It is not true that tourists who didn’t have their stay registered, are charged 300 euros hen they are exiting Montenegro. The fine is five times lower, it as said to Pobjeda from the Police directorate.

Regional media reported that citizens of Bosnia and herzegovina who didn’t register their stay in Montenegro, are charged 300 euros when exiting Montenegro. Redaction of Pobjeda was contacted by Sandra Radojevic from Buljarica yesterday who said that her guests who ere regularly registered, were asked to pay 300 euros.

“If it’s discovered on the border crossing that the foreigner was supposed to register the stay and he or she didn’t do it, the customs police, in accordance with the Law on violations, can issue a violation warrant with 60 euros fine. If the foreigner accepts the fine it is reduced by a third, to 40 euros”, it was said to Pobjeda at the Police directorate.

Representatives of the police directorate stated that in accordance with the Law on foreigners, the financial fine of 60 to 600 euros will bi issued if the foreigner didn’t register within the defined deadline.

In a case when foreigners are using providers of accomodation services, the providers are those with the obligation of registering their guest. within 12 hours upon arrival, it was said from the Police directorate.

They emphasized that foreigners who are touristically in Montenegro and do not use accomodation providers’ services can register in touristic agencies or via touristic organization. The fines for accomodation providers who don’t register their guests are from 500 to 3.000 euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro